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27 February 2008 @ 11:39 pm
[Manga] Legacy of the Dragon  
Example art: [v1 Cover] [v1 Inside page]

Title: Legacy of the Dragon
Author: Senju Kitasato 
Genre: Yaoi
Fun and Laughter
MangaNews: link
Volumes: 3
Status: Complete
Summary: Asagi is the Demon Lord. His sort-of Servant who takes care of him who can turn into a Dragon but doesn't have any powers. Ever since he was young, he fell in love with the Dragon Lord due to his mother's stories. When she was dying, he promised her he'd go live with the Demon Lord of finish her work.


The art isn't my usual type, but I had to keep reading when I learned that the main character is royalty but escapes the castle to try and whore himself out to a drunk homosexual. He looks pretty young too (although he's not), and his guardian had to go after him but only found him after two hours. Too funny.

If anyone wants more of this, comment and I will read more and upload.

MediaFire: v1 ch1 part 01-05
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