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02 November 2007 @ 05:58 pm
[Manga] Donut Letter - Honey Pie Debut  
Honey Pie Debut

Title: Donut Letter - Honey Pie Debut
Author: Mako Takahashi
Genre: Yaoi 
Scanlators: Biblo Eros & Liquid Passion
Status: Oneshot (from the book)
Summary: Miyazaki has feelings for his friend Ootsuka. He thinks his feelings will never be returned, until one day, Ootsuka confesses his own feelings to Miyazaki. They start going out, but things aren't working out because Miyazaki is going along with everything Ootsuka suggests (where to go, if he enjoyed their date).


Incredibly cute art. All that blushing! I think this is a really cute story that is actually true in real couples (I know I'm guilty of the same thing Miyazaki is too). Haha, the way his sister talks is just too funny! I was very happy with the ending. XP

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