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02 November 2007 @ 05:58 pm
[Manga] Harem Days  
Harem Days

Title: Harem Days
Author: Naono Bohra
Genre Yaoi
Scanlators: jupiter143 (from Nakama) & emilytarot (from ShoujoMagic)
MangaNews: link
Chapters: 2
Summary: Madoka Mitsuru was a yankee in High School. At 23, he manages to get a job at a company in the maintenance office. After a while he begins to wonder why he was chosen out of all the interviewers. After a fight with some other workers who insulted him, he talks with the Chief (who got him out of trouble). The Chief tells him he may not be necessary to the company, but he's unnecessary to him. Madoka is confused, but soon realizes that the nice old man exterior doesn't reflect the inside.

 This manga contains explicit content between two males. You must be 18 years of age or older to read.

18- Prohibited Yaoi

I really love Naono Bohra's works - especially because of the age differences in the main characters. It makes a really interesting and usually sweet story. In this one, the seme is sweet on the outside, but wicked on the inside. For some reason, I really liked how he used his glasses. I wear them, so it was interesting when he would have to take them off to kiss. *grin* I really like the uke's looks. He's not your typical uke look wise. I loved his uke tears the first time he and the Chief were together. *laugh*

Well, if you're looking for a sort-ish but entertaining read, I highly recommend this. It'll make you laugh and smile for sure!

Savefile: Chapter 1, Chapter 2
MediaFire: Chapter 1
Webspace: Chapter 2
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